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CDSC Kenya is live on RHINO Chatbot

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Central Depository and Settlement Corporation Limited, the depository and central clearing agency in Kenya has joined the RHINO ChatBot platform on the 27th of September 2021. Now RHINO users will be able to access their CDSC account details and download reports using RHINO.

Some of the key features that CDSC has made available on RHINO are

  1. Investors can view their CDSC account profile

  2. Investors can view their consolidated holdings and portfolio value across all CDA's.

  3. Recent and upcoming corporate actions can be viewed through the mobile app.

  4. Your recent transactions including buy/ sell, credits / debits to your CDSC account can be viewed

All the above reports can be downloaded as PDF files and can also be shared through all communication apps like email, WhatsApp etc.,

RHINO, a conversational commerce platform developed, managed and maintained by Chella Software acts as a common application for investors to access all capital market services. Addition of CDSC to the platform will now allow investors to view the investments and also interact with brokers from a single app.


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