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Fintech solutions for global financial markets.

We are a global provider of fintech solutions for central banks, exchanges, central counterparties and financial market intermediaries.

Our Customers


National Payment switch

Designed to unify the frontier markets, ChellaSwitch, extends a cutting-edge architecture to streamline payments and eliminate expensive reconciliations. Experience seamless transactions and unparalleled automated integration with the next-gen NPS. 


 Reserve Management

Capitalize on lucrative market opportunities and mitigate risk amidst economic complexities with actionable insights, robust liquidity strategies and dynamic asset allocation. 

The Chella Software Advantage


Deep domain experience

Chella Software has over 20 years experience of technology enabling financial markets and has developed a deep understanding of the requirements of all participants in the business. Our team uses this wealth of knowledge and experience to develop most optimal software solutions that are reliable, scalable and also future proof.


Project delivery - On Time, Every Time

Over the years, we have built a reputation for delivering solutions on time. Right from inception, the motto at Chella Software is to under-commit and over-deliver on projects. This has played a big role in the trust and respect of customers that we earned over the past two decades.


Ease of Doing Business

At Chella Software, our domain expertise is built and expanded through a spirit of collaborative work with our customers. This approach is evident in our internal processes that are designed to generate a flexible approach with customers. A mechanism for continuous feedback minimizes friction in customer interactions and results in our team delivering a quality solution built with a collaborative spirit.


Unmatched technical prowess

We specialize in developing ultra-high performance high volume low latency software solutions. We have had multiple engagements with customers to fix performance issues in their existing critical software applications.

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