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Mr. Nilakanta Venkatesh, the architect of the World Bank PAT program joins Chella Software

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Mr. Nilakanta Venkatesh (Venky) is the architect of the original PAT system and the program around it, having initiated and co-managed it for several years at the World Bank. After his retirement, Venky continued to consult for a central bank and the World Bank on specific engagements. He has come on board as an advisor for Chella Software’s investment management system business line. Chella Software recently introduced a support service offering for central banks that use the PAT2 system for managing their foreign exchange reserves. PAT2 is a a system developed and provided by the World Bank to various central banks across the world. World Bank is planning to hand over the support and maintenance of the platform to the individual central banks in 2021. The service offering from Chella Software is to support central banks in maintaining and enhancing the PAT2 platform.


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