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National Payment Switch


National payment switch designed for central banks in frontier markets

Chella Switch is a rugged and secure national electronic payment switch  used by central banks.  Apart from being capable of handling RTGS and batch payments, it can also handle one-to-many bulk payments made by the government, for instance while transferring money to citizens under various schemes. It also performs clearing and settlement at the central bank. It has accounting and logging features that support reconciliation at both the central bank and at individual participating banks. 
The switch is designed to guard against lost or hanging packets. These are avoided through unique messaging protocols that eliminate the need for expensive and time consuming reconciliations.
Chella Switch uses a hub-and-spoke model that could potentially scale up to handle ultra large volumes of transactions from any number of banks. It is built completely on open-source platforms and has passed periodic VAPTs since its launch.

National Payment Switch

  • Real time (RTGS) and batch payments

  • Clearing and settlement

  • Accounting and logging 

  • Encryption and tokenisation


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