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Treasury Management - Horizon Treasury Management


Move beyond process automation, play a strategic role in your organization's growth and success

Horizen is the ideal solution for Corporates to function as a Group treasury, which has presence across the globe where the domestic currency is different for each country and still the accounting, cash management and reporting are managed efficiently. 

Horizon manages your group cash and liquidity efficiently through an In-house banking arrangement, 

Around 21 financial instruments including Fixed Income, Money Market, FX, and Equity Investments, Derivatives, Commodities, Term Loans, Short Term Borrowings and Intercompany Borrowings are supported. Their entire life cycle is managed in a completely automated manner.

A versatile settlements and payment module that allows for every type of settlement and payment including “payment on behalf of” (POBO) and “collection on behalf of” (COBO). 

Settlements are managed by connecting to major international banks through SWIFT apart from standard printed instructions and cheques.


Full automation for your global treasury operations.

  • Support every operating model - global treasury, regional treasury, stand alone treasury

  • Integrated platform covering your front office, mid office, back office and treasury accounting needs

  • Makes management of counterparty exposure and limits very efficient by tracking all transactions centrally

  • Very advanced settlement and payment features bring down the cash movements across the group thereby bringing down associated risks

  • Helps the treasury move to a strategic role from the current operational role that it plays within the group

  • The treasurer can now contribute effectively to planning, revenue enhancement and cost management


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