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A robust, reliable and full coverage investment management and accounting platform for institutional investors.

Chella Horizen™ is a state-of-art platform built for large institutional investors like the central banks. It considers the special requirements of these investors and addresses their needs in a comprehensive and intuitive way. With support for multiple entities, it allows for the management of multiple funds, portfolios and business units within the same platform.

It automates and helps in managing the entire business operations with minimal resources. 

With support for over 21 financial instruments including Fixed Income, Equities, Money Market, Private Equity, Alternative Investment Funds, Commodities, FX Trading, Property and Real Estate, Derivatives, Structured Products and Borrowings, it is the most comprehensive product available in the market today.

Its fully automated multi-currency accounting obviates the need for a separate accounting software. Horizen has a dynamic MTM and super-fast portfolio performance computation engine, covering TWRR, IRR and MD. With a host of powerful reporting tools, it helps the investment team make quick and effective decisions.


Chella Horizen is a solution that addresses the unique needs of large institutional investors like central banks, sovereign funds, pension funds, family offices and insurance firms.

  • It is a one stop platform for institutional investors to manage their entire investment operations.

  • Our customers have benefited from its powerful analytics and reporting tools that facilitate quick and effective investment decisions.

  • Due to its integrated nature and through full automation, it ensures that the institution can grow its AUM without increase in costs. 

  • Through strong risk management and investment accounting that is compliant to standards, it ensures that all regulatory and compliance needs are addressed.


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