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Investment Management


A full coverage post-trade investment management and IFRS compliant accounting platform for pension funds, insurance firms and family offices

Chella IMS is a state-of-the-art accounting platform covering the front, middle and back-office operations of large institutional investors. This comprehensive solution covers more than 20 financial instruments, tracking every single stage of the instrument's post trade life-cycle. Chella IMS has provision for interfacing with numerous allied applications, including SWIFT.


Automation of the post-trade process of managing the portfolio has multiple benefits such as (a) ensuring data integrity (b) reducing operational risks and (c) minimising the overall cost of portfolio management.

Automated reconciliation of bank and custodial accounts ensures that the customer's books of accounts are closed faster.

A set of powerful reporting tools that support the investment teams to take quick and effective decisions.

Finally, Chella IMS removes the need for having a separate accounting solution, since the in-built multi-currency accounting system is comprehensive in its coverage.

Investment management for large institutional investors

  • Front, middle and back office 

  • Coverage of 20 financial instruments

  • Automated reconciliation of bank and custodial accounts

  • Support for SWIFT

  • Enterprise grade security and audit logs


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