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Financial Inclusion


A cutting-edge platform with a very intuitive user interface that appeals to younger investors.

Rhino enables investors to access data from and perform transactions at any participating stock exchange, depository or stock broker. Using simple text messages and menus, investors can buy and sell equities on the exchange through a broker. It facilitates transfer and receipt of funds, viewing portfolio valuation, account statements and other reports.
​Brokers and financial services firms can notify their large client base of the new products that they bring to the market. This has been launched in Kenya in partnership with the Nairobi Securities Exchange, the largest stock exchange in East Africa.


​Nationwide platform to provide critical financial services to the bottom of the pyramid.

Chella Finclude provides a highly scalable platform that unifies a variety of services under a single window. Governments can offer services in a phased manner. By providing a single USSD short code / unified app for all the services, duplication of costs for building siloed platforms by each agency is avoided.

A unified interface declutters the user’s mobile phone, creates high recall and provides a consistent user experience across various services. Each service provider can granularly control the offerings that they wish to provide to their customers through the platform.

The platform architecture allows for multiple mobile network operators, service providers and payment providers. This allows for adding a variety of use cases to the platform.


A single window digital platform for financial inclusion.

  • Allows governments to roll out financial inclusion programs across the country including the remotest village 

  • Users with a smart phone or just a feature phone can access critical financial services. 

  • In a specific use case, the rural population could invest in government securities in the primary market, deal in the secondary market, and get their payments securely through their wallet accounts.


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