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Forex Risk Management


Digital Transformation of Corporate Treasuries

Chella Nimbus is a cloud-based SaaS offering that helps enterprise treasuries to effectively manage their P&L volatility introduced by foreign exchange risk. It covers defining the point of recognising exposures, setting policies for hedging them, tracking hedge performance and alerting on deviations from policy, computing performance through effective rates and MTM P&L and accounting for them as per IFRS 9 hedge accounting standards.

This can be integrated with the enterprise ERP system so that the data on forex exposures is always up-to-date and actionable intelligence is just a few mouse-clicks away. Workflows in Nimbus help track the underlying documents required for compliance with foreign exchange regulations.

Being a Cloud-based SaaS offering, it is easy to implement and offers a pay-as-you-go model.


Error-free operations 
Chella Nimbus eliminates all risk of errors that one normally associates with processes run manually using spreadsheets.

Enhanced speed and efficiency of treasury operations
The automation also results in substantially enhanced speed and efficiency of the company's treasury operations. By integrating with the ERP systems,  Chella Nimbus enhances the overall productivity of the treasury team. In addition, it also enables real-time decision making, resulting in faster and better quality decisions.

Adherence to regulatory and internal compliance
Chella Nimbus also assists in regulatory and internal compliance processes by tracking all underlying documents within the workflow and issuing automated alerts to ensure compliance with forex regulations as well as corporate policies.

It’s proven 
It's been in use by enterprises across industries for many years.

Forex Risk Management 

  • Reduce P&L volatility 

  • Monitor forex exposures

  • Execute & account for derivative contracts (IFRS 9)

  • Hedge Accounting

  • Compliance and control


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