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Trading & Front Office : ActiveTrader

ActiveTrader is a robust order management and real-time trading platform, capable of handling high transaction intensity. It provides direct electronic connectivity to multiple exchanges, enabling brokerage firms to route and execute orders across multiple assets and currencies in real time.

Designed to help large brokerage firms roll out online trading with almost no time lag, ActiveTrader is a comprehensive and well-integrated platform that can scale easily. Implementation is straightforward and quick with well defined interfaces for diverse third-party systems.

  • Modular build encompassing:
    • WorkStation: A feature-rich front-end that allows both traders and clients to place orders. Available as desktop as well as browser-based interface.
    • Risk Console: A real-time portfolio margining system that provides pre-trade compliance and real time value-at-risk computation for a range of asset classes including equities, money market instruments, bonds, derivatives, forex and commodities.
    • Server: The communication channel with the exchanges. Currently supports trading in FIX, TCP/IP and X.25 protocols into exchanges.
  • Ability to work on low bandwidth WAN/Internet connections
  • Can be easily extended to trading in new exchange traded asset classes
  • Scalable to high transaction intensity and any number of trading terminals
  • Extensible to building of additional trading applications upon the basic framework

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