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Risk Management : ActiveRisk

ActiveRisk is a comprehensive risk management framework offering brokerage firms real-time pre-trade risk calculations (regulatory as well as Value at Risk based) across assets, currencies and exchanges. Capable of quantifying risk across products on a real time basis, the framework allows monitoring of risk for a single client, or for different levels in a hierarchy, in a seamless fashion. This framework can be integrated with the firm’s back office and front office solutions through simple interfaces, thereby allowing users to take direct and timely action to limit the clients’ and the firm’s losses.

  • Can create and maintain an organization’s hierarchy consisting of branches, sub-brokers, franchises and clients
  • Allows classification of clients based on their risk profile and hence attaching different set of rules for different sets of clients
  • Has real time update of market information including data for portfolio valuation which allows computation of mark to market valuation and VaR based margining
  • Can compute SPAN® and Exposure margins as specified by the exchanges, in real time
  • Offers single dashboard view for monitoring risk of all assets and exchanges at client and firm level; fully customizable views at all levels with extensive filtering options

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