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  • ChellaSoft participate in "CeBIT India 2015" IT Expo.

  • ChellaSoft co-sponsor “Almus 2nd Annual Workshop".

  • 20th August 2015 Dyer & Blair, Kenya has licensed Chella Software’s AT-Mobile, an online mobile trading platform. This platform will be tightly integrated with other Chella Software platforms namely ClearVision, ActiveTrader and Mobile Payments that are being used by Dyer and Blair. Dyer and Blair will be the first broker to also take up the AT-Mobile Agent, a platform that will allow Agents of Dyer and Blair to trade on behalf of their clients right from their mobile.
  • 1st July 2015 Kingdom Securities Limited, a subsidiary of Co-operative Bank of Kenya has gone live with Chella Software’s mobile stock market platform AT-Mobile. The system was launched in June 2015.
  • 21st July 2015 Chella Software has enabled Dyer and Blair Investment bank, one of the leading investment banks in Kenya to integrate their trading and clearing & settlement platform with Safaricom’s MPesa, the leading mobile wallet in Kenya. With this integration, Dyer’s clients will be able to fund their trading account using their MPesa balances in realtime. Investors will also be able to request for payments into their MPesa accounts.
  • 1st May 2015 AIB Capital is the first stock broker in Kenya to offer real time trading on mobile for their clients. AIB Capital went live with Chella Software’s AT – Mobile platform in April 2015.
  • ChellaSoft has been awarded ISO 27001:2013 certification on 15-Jan-2015. ChellaSoft has implemented the prescribed ISO standards with the objective to protect intellectual property and assets, meet contractual security obligations, provide a secure work environment etc. there by giving additional confidence to it's customers and partners.
  • Keppel Corporation Limited, Singapore goes Live with the SWIFT Integration module of Chella Software's Corporate Treasury solution - Date:1-Dec-2014.
  • Qatar Insurance upgrades to HORIZEN 4. This will be a state of the art treasury platform.
  • Cannon Asset Manager of Kenya licenses ActiveDeal - FMS the versatile asset management and fund accounting platform from Chella Software.
  • Chella Software partners with Trapets AB in commissioning a state of the art market surveillance system for SEC Banlgadesh. The project funded by Asian Development Bank was implemented before schedule and will the regulator monitor trades across the Dhaka and Chittagon Stock Exchanges.
  • Chella Software extends its Corporate Group Treasury solution to 250 global subsidiaries of Keppel Corporation - Date:17-Oct-2013.
  • The Nairobi Securities Exchange launched the Broker Back Office licensed from Chella Software on the 5th of September 2012. Read more..
  • Suntra Investment Bank a member of the Nairobi Securities Exchange signs up for Chella Software's ClearVision and ActiveTrader Suite as part of the NSE BBO project
  • Bank Dhofar a leading bank in the Sultanate of Muscat goes live with Chella's ClearVision platform to manage its primary market distribution operations.
  • Solomon Stockbrokers, Tanzania contracts Chella Software to implement ClearVision - Broking Back Office. This is the 6th country where Chella Software’s products will be implemented
  • Kingdom Securities Limited, subsidiary of Cooperative Bank of Kenya Ltd., Kenya goes live with Chella Software’s ClearVision and ActiveTrader. KSL is the 6th broking firm in Kenya to have gone live with the Chella Software systems
  • Dyer and Blair Investment Bank, one of the largest financial services firms in Kenya goes live with Chella Software’s ClearVision and ActiveTrader platforms
  • Nairobi Stock Exchange selects Chella Software to implement the Broker Back Office for 14 broking firms in the country. The system will be implemented on a centrally hosted model for 10 firms and on a on-premise installation for 4 broking firms
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