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Exchanges across the developing world have invested in automating various aspects of their operations. This includes setting up of central depositories and implementing automated trading platforms that replace the open outcry processes. While this has gone a long way in brining depth and vibrancy to these markets, there are some key challenges that have hampered the spreading of investment culture across the masses.

Trading and back office operations and systems of stock brokers have undergone significant automation, but challenges still exist in the areas client risk management, operational controls, data manipulation by users / employees, frauds and siphoning of money. This has in the past resulted in heavy financial losses to market intermediaries and undermined investor confidence in the capital markets.

Chella has been working with market participants, stock exchanges and regulators to build and deploy a market infrastructure that will provide market transformation by enabling:

  • A solution hosted and managed by the respective exchanges for its member firms
  • End to end offering that covers trading, risk management, operations, channel management, customer relationship management and a host of analytics
  • Strong client management and risk management practices that eliminates revenue leakage and frauds
  • Integration with existing automated trading and central depository systems so as to eliminate any manual interventions
  • Internet trading and other remote trading capabilities
  • A market infrastructure that provides the above at a fraction of conventional cost to the member firm
  • Builds investor confidence
  • Reduced settlement cycles with straight through processing
  • Business continuity procedures that ensure the stockbroker’s business operations are not disrupted as a result of system failures

The solution architecture combines Chella Software's leading products ClearVision© and ActiveTrader© to provide a single seamless implementation.

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